GOBfest 2022

We're seeking Game Masters (GMs) to run events.

To apply to host your own event, click Submit Events on the home page or select it from the Host menu at the top of any page.

GMs have the option to run events as a bystander or play in their own event. If the event sells out and the GM has not purchased a ticket to reserve their seat they are expected to participate as a GM only.

As a GM you agree to tidy your event space before you leave and to vacate it in advance of the next event so they may set up.

We reserve the right to approve/decline events based on the appropriateness for GOBfest and space availability. For example, at this time, we cannot accommodate large table miniature based war games.

Approved GMs must foster an inclusive environment, attend one of our volunteer training sessions and agree to our code of conduct. See the volunteer page for more details.