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Gamicon Gallium Guest of Honor - Jon Lonngren from Fallen Dominion Studios.

A gamer since early childhood, Jon founded Fallen Dominion Studios with his business partner Sean Cahill in 2005. Since then, Jon has performed many roles for the studio, including Lead Game Design, Lead Writer, and Project Manager. Credits include Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game (1st & 2nd Edition), A Journey Into Darkness, Outriders Trading Post, and Fallen Land: Descendants. He is also writing and designing two new games, Great Northern Trading Company 1670 and an epic story-driven Cyberpunk-style game.

Jon graduated with honors from the University of Iowa, and also attended George Mason University, and the Kazakh Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research. His primary focus was on Cold War Studies, Political Science, and International Relations. Jon currently resides in Iowa City, with his wife Wendy, their two sons, and dachshunds.

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