Game Theory Expo 2019

Game Master (GM) Guidelines

GTEX is grateful to those individuals willing to help run games and add content to our show. The following groups of people qualify for complimentary weekend badges as a thank you for their efforts.

  1. Approved company demo team leaders/members who actively run demos for 12+ hours over the weekend.
  2. The primary POC for each approved organized play group. There is a limit of one badge per group for the leadership role. Others may qualify under point 3, below.
  3. Organized play society GMs that run 12+ hours of games over the weekend.
  4. The primary organizer(s) for a tournament. Number of badges will depend on tournament size.
  5. Those providing unique or unusual games that we think will be of interest to our attendees.
  6. Anyone running 12+ hours of games where:
    • The game requires a GM or moderator of some sort.
    • The game accommodates 4+ players.
    • GTEX approves the game to count towards your 12-hour requirement (NOTE: Adding the game to the schedule is not agreement. We will notify you if the game counts in our response to your submission.)
  7. Hey, what about board game GMs?! We love boardgames, but where we really need you is helping to run our boardgame library (provided by Ettin Games). We need you not just to scan games in and out, but to help suggest games and offer help if someone has a rules question. Volunteer there for 12+ hours and we’ll comp you a badge under our Volunteer program.


Our complimentary badges do come with some restrictions. Please read them carefully.

  1. The complimentary GM badge does not include food. If you want to take advantage of the boxed lunch/dinner options then you will need to purchase those yourself.
  2. The complimentary GM badge is a weekend badge. We do not offer a way to get a single day badge for GMing.
  3. Failure to show up for a game you are scheduled to run may impact your ability to qualify for a complimentary badge in the future.
  4. All GMs agree to report to GTEX how many players they had for each game.
  5. All GMs agree to follow our code of conduct, just like any other attendee.