FallCon Gamer Pentathlon

Five Games, five styles of gaming. The inaugural FallCon Board Game Pentathlon is your opportunity to see if you are a 'well rounded' gamer. The games are all fairly quick, but will possibly challenge you to stretch your gamer boundaries.

This year's styles are Abstract Strategy, Dexterity, Thematic, Social and Euro.

No experience needed, but the teaching will be fairly abbreviated.

See below for a bit more information.

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The whole idea came up one night when we were talking about the type of gamers we were. And I said to my friend that it is really hard to be good at all types of games.

In previous years we've had the EuroBlitz, and other multi-game sessions, but none of them really spanned the styles. (I know we haven't covered all styles of gaming, but I think this is a great start)

Players will not be required to have experience with the game, but there is not a lot of time for teaching at this event.

This event will take 5 hours, but the games should take less than an hour (including a teach), so there should be breaks in between sets.

The five categories (and games) chosen for the inaugural event are: