Star Wars - Age of Rebellion

The Death Star has been destroyed. Although the REBELS have won a major victory against the evil Galactic Empire, Yavin base must be evacuated and the fleet scattered until a new home is found. A rebel transport THE AMBROSIAN SUNSET, carries valuable supplies critical for the future of the REBEL ALLIANCE and has missed its rendezvous. HELIX SQUADRON has been dispatched to the transports last known location in the AMBRIA SYSTEM A distress call is received. THE AMBROSIAN SUNSET is under attack...

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FFG's Star Wars - Age of Rebellion - The Death star has been destroyed and with Yavin base evacuated the Rebellion has scattered amongst the Galaxy. A rendevous with a Rebel G-75 Transport "Ambrosian Sunset" has eclipsed the schedule, You are on patrol when a distress call comes in...Transponder indentifies the ship in distress as the "Ambrosian Sunset"