Dice Tower East 2023


Please join us in welcoming back House Family Homestead as the sponsor of our Newcomers Meet-Up! Based in Pollocksville, North Carolina, House Family Homestead freeze-dries delicious fruits, candies and treats to lock in flavor and nutrition. They are perfect for snacks, hiking and camping. If you were at Dice Tower East last year, or Dice Tower Cruise this year, you hopefully got to sample some of their goodies, such as freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches, Skittles, chocolate-caramel space puffs (aka Milk Duds), strawberries, bananas and more. Yes, freeze-dried Skittles are a delicious thing! House Family Homestead’s treats are perfect snacks to enjoy while gaming because they’re delicious and won’t make a mess.

If you are new to Dice Tower conventions or any board game convention, then be sure to join us at our Newcomers Meet-Up to find out more about what Dice Tower East and Dice Tower Conventions are all about! Our Newcomers Meet-Up is scheduled for July 5th at 4:00 pm in the Antigua Room and House Family Homestead will be supplying the snacks and treats for you to enjoy.

We thank House Family Homestead for this sponsorship and we’re sure they will satisfy your sweet cravings during Dice Tower East! Be sure to stop by their booth in Exhibitor Hall!