Dice Tower East 2023


1. When does registration for DTE 2023 open? How can I buy badges and book hotel rooms?

Badges are sold out and hotel rooms are still available! With each refund processed, Tabletop.Events will automatically make the badge available for someone else to purchase. Dice Tower East will not be maintaining a waitlist and badges can become available at any time. Badges can also be transferred to others wanting to come to the convention through Tabletop.Events

The Caribe is still allowing our group to book hotel rooms, so click on the "Hotel Reservations" tab above to see their booking site and book your hotel rooms before they sell out.

If you don’t have a Tabletop.Events account, you click here for instructions on how to open one prior to registration opening.

2. What types of badges are available and how much do they cost?

Dice Tower East welcomes gamers age 7 and up and we offer badges for adults (age 18+) and children (age 7-17). Adult badges are $140 plus Tabletop.Event fees and children’s badges are $115 plus Tabletop.Event fees. Only those with a badge are allowed in our gaming space.

3. Are children under age 7 (including infants and toddlers) allowed in the gaming area?

Unfortunately, because of our convention insurance, we cannot allow children under age 7 to be in our gaming space at any time. We at the Dice Tower want to encourage young future gamers, but having children under 7 in our space presents liability issues for us. This is such an important rule that Tom doesn't even allow his grandson to be in our gaming area.

4. Are VIP badges available?

No, we are not selling VIP badges for Dice Tower East.

5. If children’s badges are unavailable when I book, can I buy an adult badge for my child?

No, adult badges should not be purchased for children age 7-17. We will have a limited number of children’s badges for sale, and if none are available when you book, please send an email to dte@dicetower.com. We can’t guarantee availability, but we’ll help you as best we can to find a children’s badge for your child.

ALSO, JUST A REMINDER that children’s badges must be included with an adult-badge purchase.

6. Are hotel packages (hotel rooms and badges sold together) available?

No, we are not offering hotel packages. Badges and hotel rooms will be sold separately. Badges can be purchased here on our booking site on Tabletop.Events and for hotel reservations, visit the Caribe’s booking link.

7. What types of rooms are available at the Caribe and what are the negotiated rates?

For more information on our suite and villa rates, visit the "Hotel Information" page under the Attend drop-down menu above. Our rates are good 4 days pre- and post-con and villas must be booked for a minimum of 4 nights.

8. How much is parking at the Caribe?

If you are staying at the hotel and your reservation is booked under our block, you will pay $6.00/day plus tax per vehicle. If you are not staying at the hotel, you will pay $15/day plus tax. Both rates include 24-hour in-and-out privileges and parking passes cannot be transferred or sold.

Unfortunately, there is no free parking at the hotel -- sorry!

9. Will there be an area for family gaming?

No, we will no longer have dedicated space for family gaming. The room where family gaming was last year (Curaçao 5-8) will not be dedicated to larger and social games.

IMPORTANT: Because of our convention insurance policy, children must be age 7 or older and have a badge to the convention to be in the family game room. Children age 6 and under, including infants and toddlers, are not allowed to be in the family gaming area or anywhere in our convention space.

10. What are the hours of the game rooms at the Caribe Royale?

Once the convention officially opens on July 5th, most of our game space will be open 24 hours until the convention closes on July 9th at 6 pm.

11. Will you be selling Dice Tower East merchandise at the convention?

We will have very limited quantities of DTE merch for sale at the convention. So, to guarantee that you get the items you want, we suggest pre-ordering beforehand on TTE. Everything you pre-order will be ready and waiting for you to pick up at the convention.

If you pre-order merchandise and then aren't able to make it to the convention, email sharon@dicetower.com to make arrangements to have it picked up or sent to you.

12. Will you be holding pre-registration the day before the start of the convention, like last year?

Yes, we will once again have limited hours on Tues., July 4th for pre-registration. During these hours, you can pick up your badges and any merchandise that you pre-ordered and be ready to game the morning of Wed., July 5th!

PLEASE NOTE: The Dice Tower library won’t be open on July 4th. But, if any of our convention space is ready on the 4th, you can play with your own games in that area.

13. I would like to volunteer during Dice Tower East. How do I sign up and will I need to purchase a badge beforehand?

We will indeed be looking for a team of volunteers to help us with different areas of the convention. You can apply on Tabletop.Events after you buy your badge, and you must be 18 years of age or older. Volunteers who work at least 12 hours will receive a refund of their DTE badge (not including Tabletop.Event convenience fees) and other exclusive perks.

14. Will there be any events at the con?

Yes, we will hold a few events and live shows featuring Tom and the Dice Tower Crew. Bob Gallo will be organizing a virtual flea market, and we will also have an actual flea market during the con. Tom will hold a worship service on Sunday morning and he’ll also run games of PitchCar – 1 for adults and another for children. And, there may be a live event or 2. An updated show schedule will be posted as we get closer to the event.

15. Can I bring my own games to Dice Tower East?

Of course, you can bring your own games, but with the Dice Tower’s extensive library of over 2,000 games, we will have a wide variety of games for you to choose from as well as the latest, hottest games in our Hot Games area. We’ll also have a Sharing Shelf for you to put games on that you’re allowing other DTE gamers to play and enjoy. Just keep in mind that the Dice Tower and Dice Tower East aren’t responsible for any games that you bring with you to the convention.

To find out if your favorite game is in the DT library, click HERE.

16. Can I bring a prototype to play-test?

Yes, we welcome prototypes, but you may not claim an open table in the gaming area as your own, post any signage about your game or market and solicit to attendees. This includes handing out fliers, pamphlets, promos, business cards, taping materials to the hotel’s walls and promotion on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. If you are interested in your own dedicated table, there will be a demo area at DTE, and we will have more information about how to reserve a table on Tabletop Events.

17. Can badges be canceled, refunded or transferred? Can they be rolled over to a future DTE or Dice Tower convention?

We have a more relaxed transfer and refund policy than in years’ past. CLICK HERE to review our policies. Badges cannot be rolled over to a future Dice Tower East or to another Dice Tower convention.

18. Can hotel rooms be canceled or transferred to someone else who is coming to Dice Tower East?

Hotel reservations can be transferred to another party coming to Dice Tower East and you’ll need to contact the Caribe directly to make the arrangements.

To cancel a reservation, you’ll need to contact the Caribe directly. Reservations booked through our block after we open registration will fall under the Caribe Royale’s cancellation policy, which is that new reservations can be canceled until June 10th, 2023. After that date, cancellations and no-shows will be charged one-night’s room and tax.

19. I didn’t buy a badge for Dice Tower East, but I would like to come and just walk through your Exhibitor Hall. Is that possible?

No, badges are required to be in all areas of Dice Tower East, so even if you want to visit Exhibitor Hall only, you must have a badge to do so.

20. Once badges sell out, will you be maintaining a waitlist?

No, we will not be maintaining a waitlist. With each refund processed, Tabletop.Events will automatically return badges to the pool, making them available for someone else to purchase. Therefore, badges can become available on Tabletop.Events at any time.