Con on the Cob 2023



Anybody can win one! Who knows upon what whim a Corny Award is bestowed? Well, I mean, there are some standards...

Most Corny Awards are awarded, as awards often are, for meritorious conduct, such as "The Most Off-the-Cob Gamer", "The Most Off-the-Cob Vendor", "The Most Off-the-Cob Attendee", and other such accolades. Some Corny Awards are reserved for winners of particular events, such as the CotC Costume Contest, the Miniature Painting Contest, and Iron Artist.

Each Corny Award is built upon an ACTUAL CAN OF CORN! They open from the underside so, you know, if you get hungry there's that...

Corny Awards are made by hand and each is a unique and precious entity that fits the theme of that year's Con on the Cob.

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