Con on the Cob 2023




The CotC Artitorium is the arena where art and cosplay games, workshops, demos, and events go down (and up). It's also where most of the artists and cosplayers attending Con on the Cob have their booths. It comprises the L-shaped hallway that surrounds The Mother of All Marketplaces and connects the hotel lobby on one side and the doors that lead outside to the food trucks on the other.

The Con on the Cob art show is proud to exhibit a wide range of fantasy, science fiction, comic, and genre artworks by a diverse multitude of artists. All artists and cosplayers, professionally published or otherwise, are invited to join the fun and nab a booth in the Artitorium. Of course, artists and cosplayers are also welcome to nab an ancillary booth or a booth in The Mother of All Marketplaces instead. It's all good. Don't even trip.




Who is there among us who enjoys the art of tabletop crafting? You know: terrain making, scenery scultpting, making villages out of cardboard -- that kind of stuff. Personally, I think it's pretty great and I want to learn more about it. That's why Con on the Cob has a whole track of tabletop crafting workshops and activities.

Most of the Tabletop Crafting events take place in the Clown Room (in the Atrium) along with the Miniatures Painting and Sculpting events.