Con on the Cob 2023



The Con on the Cob Auction Room is where attendee's can sell their geeky items they are tires of and buy other geeky items to replace them!

The Auction Room Drop off is Thurs & Friday Afternoon, Saturday til noon if the room is not full. Fullness of the room is determined by the Auction Wenches! * Auction Wenches have the final say!*

Biding Ends Saturday at 6pm!

We will close the doors, highlight the winners and open again so that people can pay for their winning bids!

All Items must be picked up Saturday night!

Winning Item Pick up! Saturday 6:15pm - 9:30pm

Cash is King but Credit is queen so we take the queen as well.

How do I get my awesome stuff in the auction?

Bring your snazzy stuff to the Auction room on during the submission hours, check them in and on Sunday we will cash you out! You can put any amount over $1.00 to start the bidding. We limit to 25 items per person to allow for all the peoples snazzy stuff! We recommend the starting amount be something you would not regret if the item sold at that price. On Sunday you receive the amount your items went for less 15%

If you want to fill out your Auction Slips Early complete with Number - email a list of your 25 items and she will send you back your numbers. that way at check in we just verify they are here and you are good to go. No waiting for us to type them into the system.

Auction Room / Bidding Hours:

Thurday Afternoon - TBD

Friday Afternoon - 3pm - 6:30pm

Saturday - 10am - 6pm

All complaints can be directed to the Auction Dog! She is deaf so you can complain all you want and it will not bother her.