Carnage 26

Carnage Staff

If you need to contact a member of Carnage Staff please see the list below of staff members and the areas of the convention they are responsible for.

You can also try messaging the Carnage Facebook Page for a more immediate response.

During the convention please be sure to visit the registration desk or any of the satellite info desks set-up in the various gaming areas if you need assistance.

Staff Area Staff Member Contact
Miniatures Josh McGary or Mike "Griff" Griffin
Board Games Doug Gray or Richard Creaser
Card Games Rod Sheldon
Role Playing Games (RPG) Nyssa Schmidt or Jared High
Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Nyssa Schmidt or Jared High
Special Events Joshua McGary
Vendors Chuck Davis or Joshua McGary
General Inquires All Staff
Volunteer Coordinator Emily Gray
Social Media & Webpage Bethany Creaser
Indie Alley Emily Gray
Harassment or Discrimination* Joshua McGary or Kevin Day

*In the event that you need immediate assistance with an issue concerning harassment or discrimination please contact any staff member right away or report it directly to the registration desk.