2024 D8 Summit Charity Convention


Donations, Refunds, and Exchange Policy

All funds raised at the D8 Summit Charity Convention are provided to a 501c3 charity. Attendees are entitled to take the maximum tax benefit for these contributions in line with applicable tax laws.

As such, these contributions cannot be refunded or exchanged.

In some situations, we are able to refund or exchange event tickets for other events, but this is handled on a case-per-case business at our registration desk.

"Sorry We Missed You" Policy

We understand that life happens, and your attendance at one of our shows is never guaranteed. We have always honored your kind pledge to our charity, so when we see you didn't attend we will automatically honor an equivalent badge for next year's show. We ask you reach out to us to have a badge created in advance.

If you wish us not to create a replacement badge for you, send us an email at contact@d8summit.org . We will honor your request.