2024 D8 Summit Charity Convention


Policy of Acceptance - No discrimination. No harassment. Period.

At the D8 Summit, we believe that around a gaming table, all people are equal. As a result, we openly support all people to join us and share in the laughter and fun.

The D8 Summit Charity Convention and its volunteers will not discriminate against anybody on the basis of any real or perceived minority status. These include but aren't limited to: gender (and gender identity), age, race, ethnicity, religion, veteran status, physical ability, sexual orientation, body shape, and neurodivergence.

In line with this policy, the D8 Summit Charity Convention will not tolerate harassment of any kind for any reason by anybody (volunteer or attendee). This includes physical, verbal, and sexual harassment, as well as stalking.

How We Act Upon This Policy

The D8 Summit takes great steps to be supportive of all players, and this means we will act when presented allegations. We have never asked anybody to leave our events, but we will. If asked to leave by the convention, affected parties will not be issued a refund. People asked to leave a D8 Summit Charities event may be banned from future attendance, at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the charity organization.

How to Report Potential Misconduct

If an attendee witnesses anybody violating this policy, please let a Volunteer Board Member know right away. Board Members can be easily identified by their badge which clearly calls their position, on a silver stripe at the bottom of the badge. Board Members are often found at the registration and administration tables, as well as wandering around the event.

If you prefer to report anonymously, you can send an email to contact@d8summit.org . Please provide any information you feel is necessary to investigate your report.

Confidentiality of Reporting Policy

Information gathered from any report of misconduct will be shared among the decision-making staff, and only the information required to make a decision will be shared. Confidentiality of reporting covers all reports, anonymous or not.

Questions about Acceptance Policy

If you have any questions about the Acceptance Policy, please reach out via our email, contact@d8summit.org .