2024 D8 Summit Charity Convention

2024 D8 Summit Charity Convention


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Dixon, IL, USA


Post House Ballroom

100 W 2nd St, Dixon, IL 61021, USA

Time zone: America/Chicago (UTC {{ '2024-04-19 13:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/Chicago' }})

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  (815) 288-0892

Room Block

THE ROOM BLOCK IS SOLD OUT, AND NO MORE ROOMS CAN BE ADDED BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO MORE OF THAT TYPE. You can still get a room in the hotel closest to the event though, at a great price. call the hotel at (779) 677-2204. We have left the room block info below for guest reference.

A room block has been secured at Quality Inn in Dixon, IL. A short drive (5 minute tops) from the convention venues, choosing to stay there will boost our charity footprint. Call (779) 677-2204, and say you are wanting a room in the D8 Summit room block. The room block rate is $99 a night.

Alternately, you can reserve directly to the room block by clicking this link and following the instructions.

We recommend you don't wait. There aren't a lot of lodging locations in the area, so this hotel will fill. They have a generous cancellation policy as well (24 hours before for a full refund).


Beautiful New Home, Same Great Con

Join us for our 2024 show, now housed in the historic Post House Ballroom in Dixon, Illinois! This beautiful building offers all the classiness and amenities you have come to expect from our charity event, but with a few additional perks. These include a bar on-site, with an allowance for outside food and (non-alcoholic) drink. Several quality and affordable eateries and entertainment venues are within a short walk of the convention hall, and they are ready to serve you.

We will also have events at fun alternate sites around town, including in Paper Escape (the area gaming store) as well as in the home of D8 Summit Charities itself!

Hark, Gamers of Extraordinary Skill!

Welcome to the homepage of the ninth annual D8 Summit Charity Convention, a regional gaming convention benefiting quality local charities as well as educational initiatives inside the gaming community. As a fundraising event ran by D8 Summit Charities Inc., a 501c3 charity registered in the United States, all donations made at the event are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.


Charity Partner Announced

Friends, it is with great honor that we announce our 2024 charity partner. We have always committed to doing the most good in the communities where we play, and this year is no exception.

Our 2024 charity partner is the Lee County Council on Aging. This charitable organization is a long-time partner to the regional community, providing outreach and services to seniors in the area. Many seniors have financial constraints as well as special needs requiring expertise to help. The LCCOA provides counseling to connect with social services, transportation help, and vital social connections to promote the health and well-being of our respected elders. The funding from our event will go to provide much-needed safety upgrades for their senior center, as well as to create and stock a gameroom for the seniors to enjoy! Learn more about the LCCOA here.

In addition, your support will go to support our educational outreach to gamers across the country in the form of expert forums and panels at events. Last year, your support helped experts speak to gamers from Big Bad Con to Gamehole Con. Topics discussed included creating bigger tables for diverse gamers, teaching kids to play games, and creating gaming spaces sensitive to mental health. This year, we intend to expand that outreach to even more topics, at Gary Con and more events.

Want to help but can't attend? Click here.


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