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Sheraton Westport Chalet

191 W Port Plaza Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146, USA

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Welcome to Warfaire Weekend 2023!

We are almost ready to show you our finalized events, classes and vendors.

As everyone knows, the cost of items and expenses has increased dramatically all over the world. The cost of materials, rentals, “everything”. The convention scene is no exception, we have seen prices come up on everything we do or purchase. We have seen some items increase over 50% to nearly 85% depending on the service or items. We debated how to cover costs but still provide a quality convention for you.

The overall cost to attend WFW will remain the same with some minor changes.

  • VIG Badges $100: you will receive a swag bag, VIG only t-shirt and dice, plus early access to the vendors hall. Full access to the convention all weekend to include games and the ability to purchase hobby classes. 10 raffle tickets for door prizes. Allowed to participate in House Wars and vendor hall access.

  • Play Pass $75: access to the convention all weekend. Full access to include games and the ability to purchase hobby classes. 5 raffle tickets for door prizes. Also able to participate in the House Wars and vendor hall access.

  • Hobby Pass $40: access to the convention all weekend. Does not allow you to participate in tabletop events but does allow you to purchase hobby classes, the speed painting competition, and participation in the painting competition. 3 raffle tickets for door prizes, participation in House Wars and vendor hall access.

  • Social Pass $10: this badge will allow you access to the convention but you can not participate in any activities at the convention. The badge allows access all weekend to watch, observe and access to the vendor hall.

Additional raffle tickets can be purchased or earned through House Wars.

Anyone coming to the convention must have a badge, anyone caught sharing, lending or using another person's badge will be banned from the convention, to include the person that let their badge be used.

You must wear your badge at all times during the convention, it must be out and visible at all times.

You may pick up your badges/swag early on Thursday night, times to be announced.

We have implemented the following changes:

  • VIG access to the vendor hall will be on Friday morning and not Thursday night. VIG badge holders will get an extra hour or more before everyone else. Final operating hours to be determined.

  • WFW will not stream games this year. The astronomical cost of internet access for the weekend, having to dedicate a full time staff member to monitor the equipment and chat, learning the programs and the equipment needed to stream has made it incredibly difficult this year. We are looking at other alternatives but as a convention we are not able to provide this service.

  • You will NOT need to provide a negative covid test or proof of vaccination to attend WFW this year. We do not believe that this will change but we will comply with all state and federal guidelines if they come up.

  • We have a designated area near the registration desk that will allow people to “escape” when you need a quiet area to relax and be away from the noise of the convention. This area will be dimly lit and provide charging stations for electronic devices. This area is not a gathering place to hang out with friends, we understand the need to step away and get some quiet time. Also noise canceling headphones are still available to be checked out at the front desk.

  • VIG Dice and Dice for sale will no longer come with an accent die. Instead the VIG Dice will be 4 dice the same color with the VIG logo and the normal dice for sale will be 4 dice all the same color with the winning house symbol on it. We will revisit dice each year to continue with or without an accent die.

  • T-Shirts this year will be preorder only. We will turn off ordering a month before the event. We will have a few sizes on hand but they will be very limited!

We also have quite a few new events, games, classes and RPGs coming to the convention this year including some surprise items. Soon we will post about all the events, classes, prizes and updated House War Rules. Be safe, be healthy and see you in November!