TantrumCon 2023


An exciting, social, 2-8 player competitive asymmetrical team game in space. Each team is battling for limited food and technology to see who will live to fight another day!

Two spaceships locked in combat were accidentally draw into a nearby planet's gravity and are competing for the planets' resources to survive and escape alive.

The goal is to collect enough technology (10 fragments) to repair your team's spaceship without running out of food or getting captured by your opponent!

Each turn, players draw cards and discuss where their avatar (Champion) should go exploring to collect resources, powerful items and defeat the enemy. Some cards may be placed in locations for you or your teammates to collect... or even traps to hurt your opponents!

Designer metalwing
Development Status Final Testing
Expected Play Time 60 minutes
Number of Players 2 to 8
Intended Audience Medium
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