TantrumCon 2023


Negotiation and hand management where you organize a street of ‘houses’ (cards) so your ladies, tigers, colors, and dragons are grouped with their neighbors who share common interests and attitudes.

Deal out the cards but don't rearrange them! They have a color and an identity (lady, tiger, or dragon). Each turn, offer to give another player a card from anywhere in your hand in exchange for card(s), colored gems, etc. New cards go onto the outside edge of your hand so keep adjacency in mind as you're negotiating for the offered cards. At the end of the game, each neighborhood (a group of cards with shared elements) scores equal to its size, squared. Score for your gems (squared points if you have a matching dragon).

Designer Corn Castle Games
Development Status Nearing Completion
Expected Play Time 25 minutes
Number of Players 3 to 5
Intended Audience Casual
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