TantrumCon 2023


Cooperative game of hidden information and foot-based communication where you organize each group of similar cards together into a player’s hand

Deal out the cards but don't look at your own hand, and no tabletalk! Opaque table required. The game begins with an ‘instructions’ phase where you stomp, bump, and tap your feet to give your neighbors information about which card(s) to pass and how far around the table they should go. After all the instructions are given, everyone simultaneously passes cards from their hand to other players. Consider each group of similar cards (Blue ladies, Blue tigers, Red, ladies, Red tigers, Dragons, The Others). If all the cards of each group are held by a single player and the cards in a group are all next to each other, you win!

Designer John Jewell
Development Status Middling
Expected Play Time 10 minutes
Number of Players 3 to 6
Intended Audience Casual
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