TantrumCon 2022


Tantrum House on YouTube: Tantrum House TikTok: Tantrum House (@tantrumhouse) TikTok | Watch Tantrum House's Newest TikTok Videos

One Board Family (Ryan and Erin Gutowski, and kids!) One Board Family

Rolling Dice and Taking Names (Marty and Tony) Rolling Dice & Taking Names

The Charity Boardgamer (Chris and Beth Goodlet, and kids!) The Charity Boardgamer

Nerdz Garage Nerdz Garage

Teresa Hedin of Playin A Round - TikTok Teresa Hedin (@playin_a_round) TikTok | Watch Teresa Hedin's Newest TikTok Videos

Might I Suggest a Game (Alex Hart) Might I Suggest A Game

Steph Hodge Steph Hodge twitch.tv/boardgamersteph

Love Thy Nerd (Bubba Stallcup) Love Thy Nerd

Infinite Dreams Gaming (Michael Aldridge) Infinite Dreams Gaming

Tim Virnig from Thunderworks Games Thunderworks Games

Neighborhood Kids Gaming

Designer: Mondo Davis

Designer: Nate Bivins