TantrumCon 2022

We're seeking Game Masters (GMs) to run events. GMs may receive a free badge by meeting both of the following requirements: teaching a minimum of 4 games and teaching for at least 9 hours. To qualify, the games must be entered into the event system and approved.

Once you submit a game, it will go into the approval process. We will be reviewing and approving all games in early January, once we get enough to see what the schedule will look like.

GMs have the option to run events as a bystander or play in their own event. If the event sells out, please participate as a bystander/teacher only. As a GM you agree to tidy your event space before you leave and to vacate it in advance of the next event so they may set up. Please select the appropriate amount of time to teach, play a few rounds, and to clean up when your time is over.

Know a lot of games and wonder what you should teach? Here is a list of games that we'd love to see at the convention, ensuring there is something for all levels of gamers: Games for GMs TantrumCon 2022

All games submissions will be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate for TantrumCon. If there are too many submissions for a certain game, we may ask that you offer to teach another game. VIP Tables may only be reserved with prior approval. Please contact Melissa@TantrumHouse.com with any questions on the GM process.

Companies, publishers, and family members of such may not sign up to teach their own games. We offer tables for companies to purchase to play their games, and all exhibitors and demo table purchasers may run scheduled games at their booth. Please contact Monica@TantrumHouse.com for sponsorship opportunities.

All Game Masters and volunteers must adhere to our show policies listed at: https://tabletop.events/conventions/tantrumcon-2022/pages/con-policies