TantrumCon 2020

TantrumCon Tournameals are EPIC!

These meal+gaming events created some of the highlight moments at our TantrumCon last year! Register for these epic events now and don't miss out on the fun, free games, excellent food, and laughs!


When: Friday Night • Cost: $15

Join us for our Silver Pizza Buffet on Friday from 6-8 P.M. The buffet will include pizza, salad, breadsticks, and drinks! Play Bezier Games' new Silver card game while chowing down. The winner from each table will receive a copy of the game! Also, each person attending this event will be put into a drawing to win an awesome Bezier gift basket!!!

Click Here to buy your event ticket now: Bezier Silver Pizza Buffet


When: Saturday Night 6pm • Cost: $25

Enjoy an AMAZING Southwest fajita dinner buffet with the entire Tantrum House crew PLUS special guests Derek and Lizzy Funkhouser! Each attendee will received a limited edition promo that features Tantrum House (Lovelace & Babbage, Unfair, Chronicles of Crime, etc.) and a set of TantrumCon 2020 show dice. PLUS a photo opportunity with FUNK + HOUSE!

The Tantrum House Families will be squaring off against each other and the Funkhouser family in an epic game of Wavelength. We'll split the audience up into cheering sections for each family and have some great audience participation. The section cheering for the winning family will win board games!

But that's not all! At the end of the event we'll have a drawing for a super Smash Up prize package featuring the base game of Smash Up and EVERY EXPANSION for the game, a package retailing for over $200!!!

Click Here to buy your event ticket now: VIP Dinner Event: FUNK + HOUSE


When: Saturday Lunch • Cost: $12

You need to eat. You need to play games. 25th Century Games is hosting an event allowing you to do both! Come join us for a great buffet of chicken fingers, chips, cookies, and drinks (vegetarian wrap option available). Then we're going to play 25th Century Games' newest game Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The winner at each table will receive a copy of the game. We will then have a drawing among all the attendees at the event to receive an AMAZING prize pack from 25th Century Games: a copy of WWCD with deluxe tokens, a large squeaking rubber chicken, a pledge for Jurassic Parts (Kickstarter pledge), a deluxe pledge for the Kickstarter of Kingswood (will be delivered in February), a copy of Space Explorers, a copy of Christmas Lights, a copy of Robots Love Ice Cream, and an 1892 Map of Atlanta Puzzle (winner must be present at drawing to win).

Click here to buy your event ticket now: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


When: Sunday at 9am • Cost $5

Come jam with us and munch on breads, jams, fruit and Letter Jam themed breakfast items, all while learning to play this popular game! Many copies of the game will go home with attendees at this event, with 1 in 4 attendees winning! A special prize package donated by Czech Games Edition will go home with one lucky big winner! The menu includes bread and jams (with a gluten-free option), fruit, coffee, and tea!

Get your Letter Jam event ticket here: Letter Jam Breakfast!


When: Saturday at 4pm • Cost $10

Come join us for our annual Steam Court event featuring members of Tantrum House! It will be wacky, wild, and there will be some Steampunk style dress up. Come decked out in your best Steam Punk attire! In Steam Court you'll attempt to work your way up from the lowly Tea Boy's chair to the high table and ultimately the Queen's throne! While at the event you'll enjoy all the niceties of a royal tea. Come for the game, stay for the sweets! We'll be offering home-style cookies, brownies, blondies, freshly diced seasonal fruit, assorted soft drinks, Starbucks regular and decaf coffees, and some specialty and herb teas!

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When: Sunday at 1pm • Cost $5

Get your sugar high on and then laugh your head off as you play a hilarious game of Chunky Monkey Business. Winners will walk away with a copy of the game, and everyone will walk away with a bowl full of ice creamy goodness!

Chunky Monkey Business plays in less than 30 minutes, so stop in to play at any time during the scheduled event, with games starting as we have at least 3 players per table. Although you do not have to stay for the full two hours, we'll have ice cream bars, fruit and juice bars, assorted ice cream novelties, soft drinks, coffee, and tea all available to you from 1-3pm!

Click here to purchase your Chunky Monkey Business event ticket: Chunky Monkey Business


When: Saturday at 8pm • Cost $5

Two Rooms and a MONSTER boom!

It's getting late. You've been playing games all day. But...but...Two Rooms and a Boom! Can't stay awake? We can help! We'll be providing snacks and Monster Energy Drinks to keep you awake and active during this awesome game!

Get your MONSTER event ticket here: Two Rooms and a MONSTER Boom!