TantrumCon Tournameals are EPIC!

These meal+gaming events created some of the highlight moments at our TantrumCon last year! We are finalizing the details now and will open up all of the events for pre-registration soon! If you've purchased a Premium Badge you will receive a notification as soon as the events are available.


When: Friday Night • Cost: $15

Join us for our Silver Pizza Buffet on Friday from 6-8 P.M. The buffet will include pizza, salad, breadsticks, and drinks! Play Bezier Games' new Silver card game while chowing down. The winner from each table will receive a copy of the game! Also, each person attending this event will be put into a drawing to win an awesome Bezier gift basket!!!


When: Saturday Lunch • Cost: $12

Be one of the first to play 25th Century Games' new game: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! This event will include a chicken tenders lunch buffet with chips, cookies, and beverages included! Prizes will be awarded!

More event details coming soon...