TantrumCon 2020


That's right! The Board Game Professor will be attending TantrumCon 2020 and teaching tons and tons of games! Does he have a Ph.D. in Board Gaming? Well...no, but he does have a Ph.D. and is a professor! What's most important is that he wants to help you learn all the games you've been wanting to learn forever but never had the time to!

The Prof will be teaching games ALL DAY on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday! There will be multiple opportunities for you to sign up to learn games from the Professor once our event registration goes live. Is there a particular game you want to learn? Let him know at jason@tantrumhouse.com! If your game is selected you will be given the first opportunity to sign up for that game's session! We will give priority to games in our ginormous board game library which you can peruse here.

Is the game you want to learn not part of our board game library? Let us know at jason@tantrumhouse.com and we can look into adding that game to the collection!

The deadline for making requests is Friday, December 13!!!