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The Bazaar is open to the public; an event badge IS NOT required for admittance.

The following is for reference and subject to change.

Bazaar Hours

  • Friday 1pm-8pm
  • Saturday 10am-8pm
  • Sunday 10am-8pm
  • Monday 10am-2pm

Bazaar General Information

Booths/tables listed as RESERVED have been temporarily removed for selection due to the current social distancing guidelines. When these restrictions are removed these booths/tables may become selectable options in the future.

  • Vendors/Exhibitors agreement information.
  • Vendors/Exhibitors are subject to SCARAB Convention rules. Dealer specific rules are located under section #18.
  • Questions or requests should be directed to Bazaar Coordinator Kennetha Miller.

Booth Registration Information

Registration Fee

  • Price per Table $150
  • Price per Table (Product) $200
  • Price per 10'x10' space $300
  • Price per 10'x10' space (Product) $400
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