Hollerween - SWOE


1: 13+ only. As per Tabletop.Events Terms of Service, this convention is for gamers aged 13 and up.

2: Be Polite. Respect, good manners, and considerate play is expected. Elevate concerns to mods.

3: Keep it In-Game. No discussion of Religion, Politics, or Current Events unless they are relevant to the make-believe game you're currently playing in. No spam.

4: Smile, You're on Camera. By participating in SWOE events and this server, you agree that the text, audio, and video you share here can be published online via this and other platforms, i.e. discord, youtube, twitch, facebook, crowdcast, etc.


Set the right tone in and out of character. Pinnacle keeps things PG-13. We don't do graphic sex or violence. We don't glorify smoking, drinking, or drug use, and we avoid depictions of harm or death to children. There are always exceptions, of course, but please use good taste and keep in mind these aren't your personal friends, these are new friends you don't know yet and don't know their comfort level with sensitive topics."

Avoid statements that refer to real-world politics and religions. If it's important to the story, communicate such content in the game description and at the beginning of your game session. Poll your players at the start of your game regarding their and your comfort level for language and game content.

Out of character violence, threats, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Be mindful of sensitivities around race, gender, religion, orientation, political ideology and current events.