Hollerween - SWOE


Step 1:

Buy a Players Badge. Use Discount code FREE so this is $0.


Step 2:

Get free tickets to Events. free_events.PNG

Step 3:

Check Out. You shouldn't owe any money.

Step 4:

Review your schedule. You can see the events you have tickets to and note their Location.


Step 5:

Join our Discord and find the room associated with your event. When you first join the discord you will be taken to the rules channel.

Read and then acknowledge them by clicking either the Joker emoji for GMs or Dice emoji for Players at the bottom.


Step 6:

Find the room that matches the Location on your ticket. Click to join the chat-and-files channel. This is where you will send text messages, upload files, and use commands for any bots.


Click to join the video/audio room. This is where you will share audio and/or stream video to other game members. Joining the room will automatically start sharing your audio. Clicking "Video" and/or "Screen" will also begin sharing your camera or your desktop to the room. To cease sharing video and audio, click the "phone x" icon.


Step 7:

Share feedback about your game when it is over.