Question 1) What level of character will be used?

Answer: Each Game Master should have that info listed in their event description. If not email us the game and we will clarify with the Game Master for you.

Question 2) I haven't played this kind of game before, is it beginner friendly?

Answer: Unless listed in the event description otherwise, all games are beginner friendly and the Game Masters expect new players to their game systems and want to spread the love of it to you, so yes! they are very beginner friendly.

Question 3) What should I bring?

Answer: The Game Masters should have pencils and dice for you. We will have extras available too, so come looking for a fun day!

Question 4) Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Answer: No outside food is allowed. Dickens Pub is giving us the space for free for the entire day but they still have to pay their staff and cover their costs so please come and support them by having lunch. They have an all-day breakfast and a BOTTOMLESS soda drink that you can get free refills all day. On Sunday's its Bar service only, so you go to the bar and order there and get your refills there.

Question 5) What about parking?

Answer: There is some free parking on the street on Sundays and a paid parking lot next to Dickens that is $5.00 for the entire day. Also Dickens is two block from the LRT.

Question 6) How do I pick a game?

Answer: Read the event descriptions that should have the adventure hook and find one that appeals to you. Look at our YOUTUBE Game Master profile series and check out the personality of the GM and see if they resonate with you: RPG Alliance Con

Question 7) Can my spouse/partner/friend come watch?

Answer: Yes they can come watch and hang out with you. But you can't share the Player Badge. Every person has to have their own Player Badge and these are non-transferable. Its why we brought the cost down as low as we could so it was affordable.

Question 8) I only want to play one game can I pay half the Player Badge price?

Answer: Nope. Player Badge sales do not cover our costs for this event so whether you play one or two games the price remains the same and helps us cover some of the expenses. So thank you.

Question 9) I bought my Player Badge how do I save a seat at my favorite game?

Answer: Got the top menu bar, -Click ATTEND-Click EVENTS SCHEDULE- then scroll and look at the event titles, for more information CLICK on the EVENT TITLE, you'll see the description of the Event details, including a short description, CLICK READ MORE for the long description if there is one. If you want to pick this game go back and -Click on GET a ticket.

Question 10) Do I need to print my own badge?

Answer: NO, we are using a check in system where you come and we check you off of our list of Badge Holders and provide you with your name tag and other gear for the con. Each Game Master has a list of players names for each table so they know who should be there.

Question 11) Door Sale of the Day Badge, is that $15 for two games AND one game?

Answer: Yes $15 CAD cash for Day Badges sold at the Door no matter how many games you play. The value is in the dice, door prizes, supporting your gaming community, and beer sample table.

Question 12) I bought a Player's Badge but didn't GET tickets to the games I wanted to play. I missed the Oct 18 noon deadline to do that. Can I still come and play?

Answer: Yes of course, but the open seats are now subject to door sales of Day Badges, that means be there at 10:30 AM, the first to come is the first to get the seats. We will honour the two game policy as long as we have the seats available. If you come too late and there are no games available then you are welcome to hang out as a spectator and be apart of the door prize draws.