ReaperCon 2023

Costume Contest

Introducing ReaperCon's Costume Contest! We're accepting all kinds of costumes, handmade or store-bought. We just want to see what you all can come up with and celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of our community! There will be two main categories: Adults and Children. The Children's category will be for children 16 or younger. Group entries are welcome! Please see the rules before signing up to ensure everyone's safety.

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Where & When (local to convention) Friday from {{ '2023-09-01 23:00:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }} to {{ '2023-09-02 00:50:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }}
Main Hall! in Main Ballroom
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  • Main Categories: Adults and Children.
  • Judges: ReaperJon, TBD, TBD
  • Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes!

General Rules for the Competition

  • You must be a registered ReaperCon attendee in order to compete in the Costume Contest. Additionally, each member of your group (should it apply) must have a ticket/badge in order to participate and walk the Main Stage.
  • In order to walk the Main Stage, you must be lined up and participate in a mandatory walk-through of the event before the show.
  • A card/form will be given to you upon registration of the event to fill out for your introduction. This will be given to you at the Registration Desk when you check in Include your name, your character's name, and something to help introduce you such as where your character comes from (i.e. fandom) or a fun fact.
  • All costumes must cover "swimsuit areas" – no nudity will be allowed. We want costumes to be "family-friendly" and appropriate. Some sort of foot covering or shoes will be required for your own safety.
  • All prop weapons must conform to the ReaperCon prop policies as well.
  • You are not required to hand-make your costume in order to enter the contest. This is a relaxed contest to show off your creativity and expression. We are here to have fun!
  • The contest is open to any characters from movies, TV shows, comics, video games, and board games. You are also able to enter "Original Characters" as well! Just let us know a little about them to introduce you.
  • ReaperCon adheres to the "PG‐13 rule" when it comes to language and hand gestures on stage. We are open to all ages and will like to keep it appropriate.
  • During the contest, enter and exit the stage at the designated points only. Contestants are not allowed to throw anything off the stage, nor use projectiles. All participants are also encouraged to keep at least one foot on the stage at all times. No pyrotechnics, fire, explosive devices, or special effects can be used.
  • ReaperCon is unable to do lighting cues or effects during your walk. ReaperCon will also not be able to play music, sound cues, or videos while on stage. Anyone can enter with any sort of costume as long as it is family-friendly
  • You can even come up on stage in groups!

We have a few categories we are judging on but will be able to judge anyone and everyone, so you do not have to make it yourself Those who enter will need to be ready ahead of time for a brief walkthrough and explanation of how we are doing the contest. Please be aware that there may be pictures taken for our social media, so be ready and prepared

Please Note: All costume events have the potential to be photographed/filmed/recorded in some form. These recordings may be used in future galleries or promotions. Signing up for, and/or attending, any costume event is done with the understanding that recording could occur at any time, and permission is given for the participant's likeness to be used upon participating and signing up for this event. The rules are subject to change as needed.