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ReaperCon 2023


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Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center

3100 Town Center Tr, Denton, TX 76201, USA

Time zone: America/Chicago (UTC {{ '2023-08-30 21:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/Chicago' }})

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(940) 243-3799

We're pleased to offer a block of rooms on-site at the lovely Embassy Suites by Hilton. With the convention space located onsite and convenient to a large number of offsite restaurants, the Embassy Suites are a delightful place to stay while you're at ReaperCon.

Hello ReaperCon!

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ReaperCon is a 4-day convention celebrating the hobby of miniatures and miniatures painting! held by Reaper Miniatures, one of the world's largest independent miniatures manufacturers. ReaperCon brings in some of the best talent in the miniatures and gaming industry - world-class sculptors, painters, and illustrators - and invites you to join us for four days of classes, seminars, games, and fun!

One of the highlights of ReaperCon is the MSP Open Painting Competition. Painters from across the world come to ReaperCon in hopes of winning a Sophie Trophy! The MSP Open has various categories using the Open System of judging. Winners can compete for Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals in each category!

This year, we'll return to the dungeon! Sharpen your sword and get your torches ready as we explore the dungeons of Barrowgate and the Westbarrow Hills!

It may seem quite bare on the events page at the moment But don't fret, submissions are on the way for classes, games, and events to fill the schedule up! You will see the things being populated but they will not be purchasable until we turn on ticket sales, which we will give plenty of updates for before turning them on.

Important Dates:

  • Badges: 3-31-2023
  • Submissions open: 3-31-2023
  • Class, Game, and Event Tickets go on sale: TBD