PopiCon! Game Convention

We'd like to thank our Sponsors for supporting PopiCon! Their support makes PopiCon! Possible.

The South Bend Awesome Foundation awarded us with a $1000 grant to help make PopiCon! the best it can be.

The South Bend Awesome Fund is dedicated to supporting people, ideas, businesses, and causes that will make the South Bend area even more Awesome!

Eco Owl Press is our Print Sponsor and one of PopiCon's earliest supporters.

Eco Owl Press is a locally owned and operated printing business in South Bend, Indiana focused on locally owned and grown products, environmentally friendly printing, and the arts.

South Bend Brew Werks (SBBW) is a Platinum sponsor of PopiCon!

Brew Werks is Downtown South Bend’s only family-owned and operated brewpub. They have 16 taps that rotate frequently with a variety of seasonal and staple brews. Pair those with some tasty gourmet grilled cheeses, pastas & flatbread pizzas made from locally sourced ingredients!

CinderJack RPG is a Gold Sponsor of PopiCon!

CinderJack RPG is a completely free tabletop role playing game featuring 100 skills, 60 character career classes, 13 guilds and schools, 156 spells, and a 184 creature compendium all played out in a fantasy world of adventure and magic across 15 different planes, each a world unto itself with their own creatures, physics, and more. It is all available online, and all completely FREE... forever! Check out CinderJack.com to find out more. We love you. Be Kind. Give it a Play. Tell Everybody!

Griffon Games and Bookstore is a Silver sponsor of PopiCon!

The Griffon, founded in 1976 by Sarah Bird and Ken Peczkowski, is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the retail gaming industry. The Griffon has over 4,000 square feet of space on 4 levels devoted to an eclectic assortment of books, games, records, gift items and miniature supplies.