PopiCon! Game Convention

Food at PopiCon '24 is available for purchase from the Century Center. No outside food is allowed per the Century Center's policy. Additional food options can be found all around Downtown South Bend including at South Bend Brew Werks, who is a Platinum Sponsor of PopiCon '24.

$5.00 Hot Dogs

$7.00 Chicken Strips

$5.00 French Fries

$8.00 Crispy Chicken Sandwich

$6.00 Pizza Slice

$8.00 Cheeseburger

$3.00 Assorted Pepsi Soda

$3.00 Bottled Water

$5.00 Energy Drinks

$5.00 Gatorade

$3.00 Chips

$3.00 Candy

$4.00 Nachos & Cheese

$1.00 Extra Cheese

$5.00 Popcorn Box

$5.00 Pretzels