Podfather - The Cruise 2024

Booking a cruise may seem daunting if you've never done it before. We strive to make this as painless a process as possible. Please read through the steps below and if you have any questions contact us using the email address or phone number listed at the bottom of every page.


Joining Podfather - The Cruise requires three purchases:

  1. One Badge for each person in the cabin (See Booking Process below)
  2. One Deposit purchase for each cabin (Merch Section)
  3. One Remainder purchase for each cabin (Merch Section)

See the Booking Process below for step by step instructions.

Participation in Podfather - The Cruise requires you to book your cabin through us. If our cabin deposits are all sold out, that means our group is full. In that case, please join our waiting list.


1. Badges

The badge, here on Tabletop.Events (TTE), is our method of gathering your personal information that is required to submit to the cruise line to create your booking.

Each individual in your group needs a badge.

The badge information includes a required field for your Cabin Number. The Cabin Number comes from your Deposit purchase. As you are filling out your badge information, enter the cabin number you anticipate purchasing - a badge is required to be in your cart first before being able to purchase a Deposit in the Merch system.

If you end up purchasing a deposit for a different cabin, go back and edit your badge information after the purchase to change the cabin number to match your actual deposit.

2. Deposit

The deposit is your way to secure the cabin you want. It is also our way of making sure we don't oversell our group.

Required deposit amounts within a category will vary based on occupancy and prevailing rates at the time of adding those cabins into our inventory.

3. Remainder

After making a deposit you will pay for the rest of your cabin by purchasing a Remainder item by the final payment deadline.

The amount of this Remainder item is set by your cabin category and the occupancy (the number of people staying in the cabin).

You cannot just purchase a remainder without first purchasing a deposit. Any such purchases will be automatically refunded and the 5% refund fee will apply.

Booking Process

Because Tabletop.Events (TTE) is not built directly for cruises, there will be some adjustments. So, here's the step by step process:

  1. Make sure at least one person in your cabin/group has a registered TTE account. (How to Create a TTE Account) - This is the individual that will log in regularly and make the purchases. Everything will be tied to that TTE account.
  2. Take a look at our inventory in the Merch section - Review the "Deposit" items for each category. Pick one, but you won't be able to actually purchase it until you already have a badge purchased or at least one in your current cart (Step 3). However, cabin number is a required field for badge purchase, so you at least need to have one in mind. If that cabin is no longer available when you get to checkout, that's ok - just get another cabin that is available and then go back and edit your badge afterward to show the correct cabin number.
  3. Purchase a Badge (How to Buy a Badge) for everyone in your cabin - Go to Attend > Get / View Your Badge and follow the prompts to add badges to the cart. All information collected is required for purposes of either Royal Caribbean registration or for Event badge creation. The Booking number is an optional field that Events Staff will fill in later, so please leave it blank for now.
  4. Go to Attend > Merch to select your cabin. First, view the "Deposit" product for your desired cabin type. There will be a choice here for each cabin in our inventory. There is also a link in the product description to the Royal Caribbean deck plans to assist you with choosing your cabin (click "Read more" in the description). Once you have added the cabin deposit to your cart, you may complete the checkout process.
  5. You should receive an email receipt indicating payment has been made. And you should receive an email welcome for each badge purchased that has your email address listed on the badge.

At this point, you are registered and we will contact Royal Caribbean with your information and have the cabin you picked reserved for you. Once we get your booking confirmation number back from RCCL we will update it in the optional field in your badge information. We usually do this in "batches" so please allow a few weeks to a month or so to get a booking number to you.

Between the date of this initial purchase and February 12, 2024, you must make payment on the remainder of your cabin using the correct cabin type and occupancy. Any other items (travel protection, port transfers, internet packages) are optionally available but should also be purchased before February 12, 2024.