Podfather - The Cruise 2024

The following links will provide information on Gaming provided by the Podfather and you!

Game Room

We have a dedicated room for the library and game tables will be set up for play. On the Ovation of the Seas this is the Conference Center on Deck 13. You are welcome to come into the room and play games.

Special note regarding Gamers-In-Training and Teenagers - We welcome our next generation gamers. Parents, you may need to be involved in introducing youth to gamers and helping them to find like minded gamers.

While we do allow gamers of all ages to be in the game room when it is open and if they have the appropriate badge, we do request that younger gamers (ages 0-12) be supervised by their parents/guardians at all times and that they not be in the game room after 10:00 pm.


During our five wonderful days at sea, we will have plenty of opportunity to play lots of games. Games that we bring and games that you bring.

Looking forward to a large selection to play!


This cruise is generally relaxed open gaming, but sometimes we will have a few events on the schedule such as the following:

These will be announced in more detail as we get closer to sailing.


If you have any questions not answered through any of the links on this site, email us directly at info@qwyx.events.