OrcaCon 2024

Accessibility Policy

Allies: How we can all contribute to an accessible con:

OrcaCon hopes to enable respect, dignity, and ability for all members of the con. Below are some examples of what that may look like in the OrcaCon setting.

Ask to Help ​– Please ask if someone would like help before assuming they are incapable of helping themselves.

The Mindset of “Capable”, NOT Incapable – ​Treat others as capable and with abilities rather than incapable and with disabilities. Do not assume individuals with disabilities want advice.

Personal Boundaries – ​Please respect others’ physical and emotional boundaries as you would wish for others to do to you. An example would be: do not touch someone’s wheelchair without prior permission, even to move it.

Respect Blue Zones (Blue Tape) – ​Please be respectful of any areas at the con marked with blue tape. Chairs or areas marked with blue tape are reserved for anyone that need to sit up front in order to lip read or effectively hear. Wheelchair spaces are also marked in blue. Blue zones at the con ​MUST​ be kept clear at all times to allow people to safely enter and leave the con. Be mindful of your surroundings when stopping to chat with others in the hallways and aisles.

Keep Pathways Clear – ​Keep doorways unblocked and free of merchandise and/or clutter. This is for everyone’s benefit as blocking walkways, through ways, and doors creates an unsafe situation, not just in an emergency.

Air Quality – ​Smoke can be a big trigger of breathing issues and migraines. Please wash your hands if you smoke. Avoid wearing any type of perfume or cologne.

Say Something – ​You can be an advocate for accessibility by speaking up if you see something that can be a barrier. For example if you see pathways blocked politely ask for them to be cleared or let Con staff know.

If you see any barriers to accessibility or have any ideas/concerns to help improve our con please contact our Information Desk.