The Guest of Honor for 2018 is . . .

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2017 Guests of Honor


It is with great pleasure that we name Jamey and Erika Philip as our NEWGameapalooza 2017 Guests of Honor!

Nothing defines their contributions to the gaming hobby quite like the word “Ambassador.” One definition of Ambassador is “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.”

Jamey and Erika are true ambassadors, having dedicated countless hours to growing the gaming community. They founded the Milwaukee Company of Gamers (MilCog) in 2006. MilCog started with 6 members in a local Milwaukee game group, meeting at a game store. Membership exploded and clocks in around 1500 members according to and their Facebook group, making it one of the largest gaming communities in the United States and the largest in Wisconsin.

Jamey and Erika coordinate MilCog’s involvement in many gaming activities and conventions, including our own NEWGameapalooza, Gamehole Con in Madison, the Gaming Hoopla in Janesville, Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee and the Midwest Gaming Classic, also in Milwaukee.

The MilCog gaming library is a private collection owned by Jamey and Erika and features nearly 2000 unique games. They load up the collection for transport to gaming events around Wisconsin allowing friends, convention attendees and gaming newcomers access to this incredible library of games. Truly an altruistic endeavor by two gaming ambassadors!

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