Costume Contest!

It's BACK! NEW Game will once again be hosting a Costume Contest on Sunday at 1pm. The contest is open to all ages and all types costumes. Prizes will be awarded for Glamour (best hair and make-up, Ingenuity (best handmade costume or components), Originality (something unique or perhaps out of this world), and a Duchess Award for the best overall costume.

IMPORTANT: Due to UW Oshkosh policy no weapons fake or otherwise are allowed. You may bring photos of weapons to show the judges if you feel it’s an important part of your costume.

The Duchess of Costumes, Amy Hacker-Ott will be judging the competition. Duchess is a master seamstress and has been the costume director for local theatrical productions as well as created award winning Cosplay costumes.

Full Rules

These rules are in effect so that all participants entering the NEW Game Costume Contest have a fun and an enjoyable time. Remember this is an all-ages show and we expect all behavior to be kept within the PG rating system. Any and all questions can be brought to the Duchess of Costumes, Amy (Contest Director), who will be more than willing to answer your question to the best of her ability. We hope that you work with us to make this a great fun experience for ALL ages.

  1. ELIGIBILITY – The contest is open to ALL ages. You just must be a living breathing being, however, looking or seeming dead is acceptable and even encouraged.

  2. ENTRY – Entry into the costume contest does not have an additional cost, but all entrants must have a day pass for Sunday or a weekend pass.


    • Judging will take place on Sunday at 1 PM. All contestants are required to report to the registration table at this time.

    • Judges are allowed to see (but not touch!) your costume from all angles.

    • This is exclusively a costume contest. Feel free to pose or say your favorite tag line, but no presentations or skits etc. are necessary.

    • Only contestants and judges will be allowed in the judging area, but the public is free to look on and take photographs while judging is taking place.

    • All decisions of the Duchess of Costumes and judges are final. The Duchess of Costumes has complete, full and final authority over all aspects of the Costume Contest. Sorry, bribes are not accepted. Flattery and chocolate certainly wouldn’t hurt though.

  4. JUDGING CATEGORIES – All entries will be judged on the following categories:

    • Glamour (best make-up and/or hair)
    • Ingenuity (best handmade costume or components)
    • Originality (something unique or different)
  5. ELIGIBLE COSTUMES – Put together a creative, spooky, funny or imaginative costume and wear it on your body. All costumes are welcomed; it doesn't make any difference if they are homemade, magically found, simply appear with a flick of a wand or even purchased or rented. However, please keep your costume “PG” rated this is a family event.

  6. WEAPONS POLICY – If your costume includes a weapon, please LEAVE IT AT HOME! UW Oshkosh prohibits weapons and facsimiles of weapons on campus. Although a photo to show the judges is ok.

  7. INELIGIBLE COSTUMES – All entries will be judged on the following categories:

    • No confetti, pyrotechnics, live flame, or smoke generators of any kind are allowed in the building. Any costume that “makes a mess” will not be allowed in the building.

    • Costumes and props must be worn and carried with no risk of injury to people or property.

    • Live animals are not allowed unless they are guide animals to assist a person who has a disability. Imaginary animals are on the other hand encouraged.

    • The costume contest will be observed by people of all ages. Excessive blood or gore, overly sexual, or otherwise inappropriate costumes will be ineligible for entry, and you may be asked to leave the contest. Additionally, depiction of drug use or underage drinking is frowned upon. The Duchess of Costumes makes all final decision and does not need to give any explanation. If you have any questions as to the suitability of your costume or performance, it is in your best interest to contact the Duchess of Costumes BEFORE the Contest. Honestly, she is pretty cool and will work with you have an amazing contest experience. It should then go without saying: No Nudity! “No costume is no costume!”


  8. PHOTOGRAPHY – Pictures will be taken during judging of all participants. These pictures will be used for record and judging purposes. By entering the costume contest, you are agreeing to allow your image to be used in future advertising efforts.

  9. PRIZES - One prizes will be awarded in each of the following categories.

    • Glamorous Award (best make-up and/or hair)
    • Ingenuity Award (best handmade costume)
    • Originality Award (something unique perhaps the character it’s based on is unique)
    • Duchess Award (best overall costume also could be judges award).