If you want to be a Game Master, please read this entire page. Thanks!

Game Masters (GMs) are the backbone of gaming conventions and at NEWGameapalooza we believe in rewarding GMs for their hard work, time and dedication to the hobby.

Therefore, we have set up the following GM rewards system:


Receive a FREE BADGE if you:

To receive your free GM Badge, you must first register as an attendee and submit your events. NEWGame staff will review your submission and if you qualify for the free GM badge, we will reimburse you the cost of your attendee badge. Please do not purchase tickets for other events until after your GM badge has been issued!

Reduced Badge fee

Alternatively, if you are unable to GM for 10 hours you should still be rewarded for being a GM! If you GM for any event, NEWGame will compensate you by reducing the cost of your badge by 1 dollar per hour spent as GM (to a maximum of the Free Badge threshold, or, in the case of $5 Friday, up to $5). This reward will be paid out in cash at NEWGame. Note that you must still purchase an attendee badge before submitting events!


If you want to receive the FREE GM badge you must first purchase an attendee badge as normal. NEWGame staff will upgrade / award the FREE Game Master badge once your events have been approved. This will also REFUND your badge fee.

Tabletop has some difficulty with issuing credits for GMs. IF YOU WANT A GM BADGE please only submit the events you are GMing and do NOT purchase tickets for other events until we have processed the events you are hosting.

This is due to Tabletop being unable to have event tickets "follow" a badge that has been upgraded.

Once your GM badge has been issued you may purchase tickets for other events.

If you have questions, please contact us at newgameapalooza@gmail.com

Thank you so much!