Newgameapalooza 2023

Who's behind NEWGame?


Heath has been playing board games since he was a kid. He has attended many game conventions over the years and enjoys having a local convention in our community. His head is filled with the rules to many games and he is excellent at game instruction. Except for that one important rule that he always forgets to tell you about. He has started promoting gaming at his kids’ schools by running a game hour at Jefferson Elementary and helping with the South Park Tabletop Gaming Club. When not gaming he enjoys spending time with his family, especially on their boat. He works in the cable television engineering industry.


Jennifer has been playing board games since she met Heath. She has attended many game conventions over the years and helps with NEWGame to keep the boys in line. She enjoys spending time with her family, helping with the PTOs at her kids’ schools, reading, sewing and crocheting. She is the Network Administrator for Winnebago County.


Jim has been playing games his whole life, starting with Payday, Sorry!, Parcheesi and various card games as a child. In high school he discovered the Dungeons and Dragons Red Box and primarily played RPGs for 20 years. For the past 10 years Jim has been playing board games with friends and family. In his day to day life, Jim works at the University in an administrative role as the director of curriculum and instruction for the online degree programs. He listens to Norwegian gothic metal, has a healthy sense of humor and has bungy jumped three different times in two trips to New Zealand. Just ask him about it, he'll tell ya!