Newgameapalooza 2023

Newgameapalooza 2023


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Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Culver Family Welcome Center

625 Pearl Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901, USA

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(920) 424-3300

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NEWGameapalooza 2023

NEWGame returns in October 2023!

Badge Pricing

  • Weekend Badge $30 (Best Deal!)
  • Friday $15
  • Saturday $20
  • Sunday $5

If you are a Game Master looking to run events at NEWGame, please see our Game Master page for details on our newly revised GM reward program. Thank you!

Attendance Policies

We want to provide all attendees with a safe and fun environment. Our show policies can be found here: NEWGameapalooza Attendance Policies.


Tables full of role playing, board gaming, and miniatures, isn't all we offer. NEWGame also features:

  • One of a kind Escape Room
  • Consignment Store
  • Milwaukee Company of Gamers (Mil-Cog) Game Library
  • Vendors
  • Play to win games
  • Door Prizes

Note that while we are on the UWO campus, we have no affiliation with UW Oshkosh.