NEA Game Fest 2023

Double Exposure Envoy

Double Exposure is proud to present our newest endeavor, the Envoy Program. In recent months, we found ourselves knocked sideways by inspiration, as a profound reality of the gaming industry suddenly became clear. After two decades of creating excitement and innovation, it's time for us to take our vision and ability to execute grand plans to the next level.

The Envoy Program is built on a concept so obvious and so vital that groups have been trying from all corners to address it. None of those efforts have panned out because in order for any of it to work, it ALL has to work.

As an industry, gaming struggles to succeed at a business level - great games are being produced but only reaching a small percentage of potential customers. Convention support is tricky; requests come from all sides and it takes time, energy and savvy to sort out which conventions to support and how. Conventions are so busy with the business of producing their shows that finding competent game masters is hit or miss. The same is true for game stores, many of which devote most of their time to running the business, leaving very little to schedule desperately needed promotional events.

Our goal is nothing short of unification of the fractured pieces of the national gaming industry, to everyone's benefit. We invite you to join us at the beginning of this exciting process!

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