NEA Game Fest 2023

Sarah Brown



Gaming Interests Board Games / RPGs
Go-to Game Piece Color Green
Favorite Gaming Memory The very first NEA Game Fest. Watching the space in Hoxie fill up with gamers and seeing everyone enjoying themselves.
Non-Gaming Hobbies Cross stitch, reading, paper crafts
Interesting Fact Gaming has always been a huge part of my life. I met my husband playing Cribbage on Yahoo! Games.

Jim Essman



Go-to Game Piece Color Red
Favorite Gaming Memory Playing "All Outta Bubblegum" and hearing the GM say "Alright! You successfully dip yourself in a vat of pickle juice and squeeze through the bars", prompting someone to exclaim "WHAT!?" from two tables over
Non-Gaming Hobbies Video games, jewelry-making, martial arts, watching anime, and generally being a geek
Interesting Fact I have a black belt in Shorin Ryu

Kier Heyl

Miniature Game Coordinator He/Him


Go-to Game Piece Color Vermilion
Favorite Gaming Memory Watching my son teach others how to play a game at a game day
Non-Gaming Hobbies Coding, ranting about Star Wars, rabble rousing
Interesting Fact I know how to say like three phrases in German

Megan Heyl

Sponsorship Coordinator She/Her


Go-to Game Piece Color Orange
Favorite Gaming Memory Roleplaying a dwarf who died and was reincarnated as a goblin
Non-Gaming Hobbies Reading, video games and crafting
Interesting Fact I have played chess against a chess master

Krystle McClung

Coordinator Coordinator She/Her


Go-to Game Piece Color Blue
Favorite Gaming Memory That time we added Wild Magic to a tempest cleric, making her even more of a leprechaun... and the entire party was both amused by, and terrified of her. Constant laughs and shenanigans in any game will always be a favorite
Non-Gaming Hobbies Cross-Stitch, General crafts, Reading, and leading backpacking groups across western Europe
Interesting Fact Former Vatican employee, and not even catholic!

Rachel Simpson

Volunteer Coordinator She/Her


Go-to Game Piece Color Purple
Favorite Gaming Memory Surviving my first game of Cosmic Encounters by chance at a NEA Gamers Guild meetup at Skinny J's Jonesboro
Non-Gaming Hobbies Baking sweet stuff, cosplay, watching RuPaul's Drag Race, nail art
Interesting Fact I can't roll my tongue!