NEA Game Fest 2023


NEA Game Fest is proud to introduce this year's vendors! With a wide variety of artists, crafters, makers, and retailers we'll have a little bit of something for everyone!

Cinna Rose Illustrations


Hi I’m Cinna Rose Illustrations and I am a queer watercolor and digital artist based in Jonesboro AR. I specialize in portraits and botanical pieces with an emphasis on fantasy elements. I sell original watercolor paintings, hand embellished canvas bags and hand painted magnets. You can find me on Instagram at !


Dragonwyck Embroidery


Custom Embroidery

Eclectic Geekery


A book and hobby store with a focus on sci-fi, fantasy and all things geeky.

Gamers' Haven


Your premier Play-space & Tabletop Games Supply



Ray is a multi-media artist and kid-at-heart who specializes in acrylic paintings, ink sketches, digital coloring, perler beads, and 3D printing. Kaiju are a common subject, but other things can be found across his portfolio.

RPJ Creations


Creating art with laser engraving, and repurposed material. Specializing in Nerd & Pop culture genre. Offering on site custom laser etching.



Graphic designer and illustrator.

True North Designs


Hi there, I'm Marissa and I am the proud owner of True North Designs. As a designer and creator, I specialize in crafting custom engravings, personalized gifts, home decor, jewelry, and many other unique items.

Xina's Epic Yarn


Welcome adventurers! Xina's Epic Yarn creates epic crocheted works, from hats and scarves, to dolls and plushies. Here, you can find accessories and companions to accompany you on all your adventures, whether they involve dragons or elder beings. Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.