Winners of the NEA Game Fest play and wins are listed below. Those still needing to pick up may do so Sunday, Oct. 14, at the Hoxie Service Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or during the Nov. 10 Library Game Day held in the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library Round Room from noon to 5 p.m.

Games not picked up by Nov. 10 will be considered donated as a play and win for a future events.

7 Wonders - Bryan Marshall

Alien Frontiers - Matthew Edgerton

Asking for Trobils - Dee Jay Fox

Bad Doctor - Jared Grigsby

The Bears and the Bees - Heather Grigsby

Bin'Fa: The Tao of War - William Osborne

BIOTIX - Courtney Heyl

Blokus - Will Hose

Bohnanza - Isaac Phillips

The Bottle Imp - Craig Johnston

Cahoots - Jerod Kuizin

Century: Eastern Wonders - Hilda Cristee

Champion of Earth - Michelle Cobb

Cover Your A$$ets - Colton Grigsby

Dice Throne: Season One - Dylan Bean

Dimension - Amber Henson

Dominion - Jared Grigsby

Dragonwood - Josiah Kuizin

Drop It - Sheenna Beasley

Dungeon Rush - Chase Crawford

Echidna Shuffle - Amber Henson

Element - Dustin Higgins

Evil Overlord - John Housdan

A Fistful of Penguins - Matt Bradley

Forbidden Island - Eric Moffett

Hoard - Sheridan Dethrow

Hungry as a Bear - Andrew Jones

Istanbul: The Dice Game - Jeremiah Dillehay

King of Tokyo - Craig Johnston

Lift it! - Jim Essman

The Lady and The Tiger - Suzannah Dethrow

Lost Cities: Rivals - Andrew Jones

Madstone - N/A

Memoarrr! - Dustin Higgins

Menara - Beverly Bryant

The Mind - Brad Johnson

Monopoly Gamer - Colee Johnston

My Little Scythe - Colee Johnston

New York Slice - Austin Wycoff

NMBR 9 - Jim Essman

Nut So Fast - Stacy Fox

Palaces - N/A

Poetry Slam - Sherrill Moffett

The Quest for El Dorado - Cody Bard

Reef - Robert Robinette

Rising Sun - Conley Hunt

Santorini - Steven Gulledge

Scythe - Suzannah Dethrow

Skull King - N/A

Smash Up - Dylan Bean

Sparkle*Kitty - Eric Moffett

Spirit Island - Renea Anglin

Splendor - Will Hose

Star Wars: X-Wing (Second Edition) - Adam Foster

Steampunk Rally - Mike Dethrow & Brad Johnson

SUPERHOT: The Card Game - Brandon Turner

Swordcrafters - Hilda Cristee

Terraforming Mars - Brody Sheard

Ticket to Ride - Matt Edgerton

Tiny Epic Kingdoms with Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call - Dawn Osborn

Tiny Epic Zombies - Josiah Kuizin

Whoowasit? - Courtney Heyl

Word Slam - Brandon Grigsby