Midwinter Gaming Convention 2019

Midwinter Gaming Convention 2019 GM Information & Perks

Thank you for your interest in running events at the annual Midwinter Gaming Convention. Without amazing GM’s such as yourself, our show would not succeed. You bring so much to the table and we want to say “thank you” for all the hard work you put into your events. Below are a few questions that come up each year. If you need an answer to something not addressed below, please contact us at info@midwintergamingconvention.com and we’ll get it added to the list!

Gaming events will begin at 12pm on Thursday, January 10th and run through 6pm on Sunday, January 13th.

We're seeking Game Masters (GMs) to run events. A minimum 8 hours of events is required to earn a GM Badge, those events may be a combination of times/days/event types. The deadline to submit events for our printed program is December 1st, contingent on space, events submitted prior to September 30th will receive priority.

8 hours = Four Day Badge

12 hours = Four Day Badge and Convention T-shirt

16 hours = All of the above and some special GM Swag!

As a GM for any type of event you agree to tidy your event space before you leave and to vacate it in advance of the next event so they may set up.


Change to event sign ups. We will be using the sign ups on TableTop.Events instead of printing out sheets for each GM. You will NOT need to see Convention Registration if you check in your event via TableTop.Events. Convention Registration will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding this new system.

All completed events will enter you into our GM Rewards Contest. To keep things fair across different events, every hour of GM'ing will gain you one entry. For example: if you run one four hour Tabletop RPG, you will receive four entries. If you run three Board Games at one hour each you will receive three entries, if your run one LARP for two hours you will receive two entries, etc...

We have some fantastic prizes available for the winners of our GM Rewards Contest, and winners will be notified via the email associated with their Tabletop.Events account. Winners will be selected Sunday at 3pm, you do not need to be present to win.


Outside of certain Sponsorship levels, hotel room reimbursement is earned by vote.

Every individual who books a room for the show will have the opportunity to vote for the event(s) that have brought them to Midwinter. Those votes will directly translate into room perks for YOU! For every 50 votes your event/group/org receives, you will be reimbursed 1 sleeping room night. Example: Gamer A has booked a three night stay and therefore has three votes to place. They have specifically come for Group B's events and cast all their votes to them. Group B now has three votes towards their total. This is the exact benefit the show receives from the venue, and we are passing the benefit through to you as a thank you for helping promote the show and bringing in players.

Voting will take place on-site at Convention Registration and will end at 12 Noon on Saturday of the show. At that time votes will be tallied and groups/organizations that qualify for reimbursement will be notified via e-mail with instructions. This is the most fair and unbiased method we have found to date to offer room reimbursement.


Please encourage your players/organizations/local groups to book their room before we sell out and remember they are not charged until the day of check-in. The group rate is available until December 11 or until our room block sells out.