The Prefect Lounge is sponsored by The Hidden Parlor

Volunteers and Event GM's are indispensable to our show and we want to say "thank you" to those who offer their time to make Midwinter amazing each year.

To acknowledge the efforts given, we have created a new Volunteer/GM incentive program for 2018!

You can put in your volunteer shift as early as today filling out the form here: Midwinter Gaming Convention Volunteer Form!

8 hours = Four Day Badge

12 hours = Four Day Badge and Convention T-shirt

16 hours = Four Day Badge, Convention T-shirt and access to The Prefect's Lounge on Friday and Saturday

20 hours = All of the above and some special Volunteer/GM Swag!

Interested in volunteering? Midwinter Gaming Convention Volunteer Form


Instructions for GM's -

At the beginning of each day, or before your events begin, please see Convention Registration to pick up your event sign up sheets. These sheets will be pre-populated with the names of the guests who have already signed on to your event. There will also be open spaces for those who walk up and choose to play, if space is still available.

After your event(s), or as soon as possible, please drop off your completed event sign up sheets at Convention Registration. All completed event sheets will enter you into our GM Rewards Contest. To keep things fair across different events, every hour of GM'ing will gain you one entry. For example: if you run one four hour Tabletop RPG, you will receive four entries. If you run three Board Games at one hour each you will receive three entries, if your run one LARP for two hours you will receive two entries, etc...

We have some fantastic prizes available for the winners of our GM Rewards Contest, and winners will be notified via the email associated with their Tabletop.Events account. Winners will be selected Sunday at 3pm, you do not need to be present to win.