FUN - The primary rule, and our primary goal, is that you and others at MAG CON have fun.
BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS - This is a broad rule that would include: being mindful of your language, not harassing people, not disrupting other people's games, respecting other people's property, attending to your personal hygiene, etc.
BE RESPECTFUL OF THE FACILITIES - Do not damage the facilities, inside or out. Do not enter unauthorized areas. Do not throw trash on the ground. This space is donated to us, and we want to continue that for years to come.
WEAPONS - Knives, swords, guns, etc. are not allowed on school property by state law. However, fake, foam, and wooden weapons are allowed, but only for costume purposes. They should not be used in an aggressive manner towards others - in other words don't run around randomly beating people with foam weapons.
SMOKING - Smoking is prohibited on school property by state law. However, there are areas that you can smoke within a very short walking distance (just on the other side of the parking lot).
DRUGS - Illegal drug use won't be tolerated


Be Inclusive, Have Fun, And Be Safe

‚ÄčAll participants are here to have fun and should feel safe and included at all times.

What To Do?

Please help us continue MAG CON into the future by following these rules, and exercising common sense in scenarios not governed by these rules. We want MAG CON to maintain a good reputation as a safe place to have fun. We rely on donations for MAG CON to happen. The organizations and companies that support us want to be associated with a positive influence in the community. Thanks.