Sponsorship Opportunities

January 4-5, 2020

New this year: We're very excited to announce that we will be ​donating 25% of all profits to local charities!

Thank you so much for considering a sponsorship of our grassroots gaming convention! We’ve outlined several support opportunities below, so please feel free to pick and choose one or more options that work best for you. Anything you’re able to contribute to the cause is greatly appreciated – not only by those of us who personally fund this event, but by the gaming community as a whole ​and the local charities who will benefit from your contributions!


We hold several giveaways over the course of the weekend (at least one each day), and any games or gaming accessories you contribute will be recognized with special mentions during each giveaway drawing. These prizes get our attendees very excited, and we strongly encourage them to patronize your store as a way of saying thanks!

Suggested contribution: $50-200 total retail value. Your donation includes:


Sell your gaming-related merchandise to our guests! Each booth features two skirted tables in an L-shaped arrangement, with prime placement near our highly-trafficked game library. We strongly encourage our guests to patronize your booth (and store!) as a way of saying thanks!

Suggested contribution: $100 per booth. Your exhibitor package includes:


Become a sponsor and show your support for our local community and the gaming community everywhere! Choose the tier that suits you best:

Gateway: $50

Medium Weight: $100

Heavy Weight: $200

Twilight Imperium: $500 (​only 1 available)


Offer a special convention-only discount or coupon to all our attendees!
 This will be provided to each registrant upon check-in. Suggested contribution is $25.

We want to help you promote your business,​ so we’re completely open to discussing any other ideas you may have. Thanks in advance for all you do to support us and other events like ours! =)