KoboldCon 2019

Apply to Exhibit and/or Sponsor

*THANK YOU for joining us for KoboldCon 2019! *

This promises to be a great year for dealers and attendees alike!

Last year we almost TRIPLED our attendance from 2017 and we are expecting to double again this year.

Our goal is to top 1,000 gamers from across the greater Colorado area, as well as create a draw from out-of-state gamers to come and play!

--------------Vendor Pricing------------------

Prices AFTER January 11th!

Artist Table $50.00

Premium Booth (20x10) $375.00

Vendor Booth (10x10) $200.00

Dealer Hall Hours:

Thursday - Setup from 4pm to 6pm

Friday - Setup from 9am to Noon

Friday - Open 1pm to 6pm

Saturday - 9am to 10am (VIGs ONLY)

Saturday - 10am to 6pm (All Attendees)

Sunday - 10am to 4pm


Convention Sponsorship (Booth included) $500.00

Table Sponsorship (10) $100.00

Swag Shirt Sponsor $100.00

KoboldCon 2019 Program Sponsor (Full Page) $150.00

KoboldCon 2019 Program Sponsor (Half Page) $90.00

KoboldCon 2019 Program Sponsor (Quarter Page) $50.00


NOTE ON SECURITY: We are working to ensure maximum foot traffic for dealers this year. As such, DURING THE DAY, we will funnel gamers through the vendor area as they go through to the Gaming Hall.

After 6pm the dealer hall will be CLOSED and attendee foot traffic will be routed around the Dealer Hall and into the gaming hall directly.


We are working towards that with Special Guests like:

  • Ed Greenwood (a virtual guest again this year)

  • Rob Schwalb (Shadow of the Demon Lord)

  • Stephen Radney-MacFarland (Paizo)

  • Beth Damis (Penny Arcade)

  • Terry Pavlet (RPG Artist)

...and several others we're hoping to lure out to this great event!

NEW FOR VENDORS and DEALERS We WILL have a coffee and break room for you this year! There will be some snacks and free coffee available all weekend long!

Thank you again! We're looking forward to working with you and CAN'T WAIT to get you setup at KoboldCon 2019!

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