GenghisCon 45

Apply to Exhibit

Thursday Load in 9AM - 10PM

Friday Open 10AM - 7PM

Saturday Open 10AM - 7PM

Sunday Open 10AM - 2PM

No 3D Printers allowed in the Vendor Hall

Please fill out the application with as much detail as possible about your business. Attendees see this and budget accordingly.

You must have a logo. Please add a high resolution logo.

While we really enjoy the overwhelming response, not all vendors will be selected and approved. This is to ensure low competition between vendors selling similar wares. It is not a first come first served. We review all new vendors very carefully to ensure their success and the desires of attendees.

Our preferred dice sellers are Black Oak Workshop and Abraxas Games. No other dice vendors will be approved. Only game designers who sell custom dice for games manufactured by that game designer will be approved. We strive to have all vendors as unique as possible to increase YOUR sales output. We want your business to succeed!

Your unique vendor booth is for your business only. All vendor booths are non transferable. Any transferring of booths to non approved vendors will constitute a forfeiture of booth rental with no refund.

If you are just starting out in the games and associated wares market, perhaps a table in the artist alley would be right for you to test out your ideas.

If you are trying to get your game design in front of as many people as possible, please submit your games using the HOST function from the main page.

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