Gamicon Germanium

Dexter Dakota (Writer and high functioning sociopath)

The idea for Quad City Killers started when Dexter asked his friend, Adam, if he had ever heard of a board game where everyone plays as a serial killer.

Adam said he could think of a couple killer-themed games but in all of them everyone played as either law enforcement trying to catch a killer or would-be victims trying to escape. Then he asked Dexter to get him another beer (as long as he was already up).

Dexter got to work on an initial scenario, base mechanics, and a pitch to sell Adam on the idea. Dexter’s pitch got as far as: “Hey. I’ve got an idea for a Serial Killer board game…” before Adam cut him off with “I’m in.”

Dexter will be running "Quad City Killers" and a playtesting "Puny Gods" during the convention.