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Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Cedar Rapids Marriott

1200 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, USA

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Driving Directions

Web Site

(319) 393-6600

1200 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Use this link to reserve your rooms at $107/night. Book Your Group/Corporate Rate | Marriott International

Special Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors


Pre-Registration, Event Sign-ups and Merch Sales are now closed.

But never fear, you will still be able to register at the convention. Weekend rates will be $35 for the full weekend. Day rates will also be available. Friday Only will be $25, Saturday only will be $30, and Sunday Only will be $20. You may upgrade your one day pass to a weekend, just pay the difference between the two.

Merch will be available at Spud's Emporium's Dealer table Stop by and grab great swag!



Event Registration will start on February 1st for Sponsor level members, and Feburary 8 for everyone else, and will close on February 19. Event sign ups will also be available on-site during the convention. We have over 200 events already scheduled so there will be plenty to do for everyone! Hop on our Facebook page and tell us what events you are looking forward to.

How to sign up for events:

  • Under the “Attend” tab, choose “Events Schedule”
  • Select the event you wish to sign up for and click the green “get” button. If you aren’t logged in, it will ask you to log in
  • Click the green button that says get ticket for… This will add it to your cart.
  • Once you have all your tickets in your cart, YOU MUST CHECK OUT. The cost is zero, but if you don’t check out, the system will not register your tickets.



Check out all the great merchandise available for Gamicon attendees! This year we will be offering "Convict" Orange shirts and Black Sweatshirts.

We also are offering orders of past convention shirts if you missed out on previous years.

Please note that only Sponsors will be receiving free physical program books this year. PDF's will be available for free download. If you want a physical copy and aren't a sponsor, make sure to pre-order your copy!

We will also have buttons available for sale in three different designs. Buy the one you love, or collect the set!

Merch sales will close February 15, 2023. Limited stock will be available at the con for sale. All purchases are for convention pickup only. We will NOT ship items. If you purchase something and aren't able to make it, please arrange to have someone pick it up for you, and let us know, so that we know it's ok to release your items to them.

See you at Gamicon!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We have a lot to share. In this blast you will find our Health Policy, a change in how we provide Program books, Auction Update, Hotel Info, Charity, Events, and GM Parties.



- We will not be requiring proof of vaccination, or negative covid tests. We will not have a mask requirement for Gamicon in general, however any GM/Judge may require masks at their event. Please check the event listing to see if masks will be required for your event.
- There will be touchless hand sanitizer stations throughout the hotel and hand sanitizer will be available at registration, volunteers, and gaming area.
- We strongly encourage social distancing, in accordance with current guidelines.
- We will have barriers at the convention’s Registration, and Volunteers desks.
- We will have a limited number of disposable masks available for staff and attendees if requested.



We have seen a change over the past years in how people use our program book. For some it is a collectors item, some prefer to view it on their devices, and some use it at con to find things. We have had years where we run out of copies, and others where we have had hundreds left over. In order to better gauge how many copies to have on hand and to offset costs (our cost per book is between $5 and $6), we will be instituting a new way of distributing copies. Free PDFs will be available before and during the convention. There will be posters with QR codes linking to the free PDF, and we will post the link here on our website, and on our Facebook page. All sponsors and guests will receive a free physical copy of the program book. Anyone else who wants to receive a physical copy may pre-purchase a copy in our merch store for $1. A very few (25 or so) copies will be available for purchase at con for $5. We welcome your feedback on how you use your program book, and how you want it to be made available.


GREAT NEWS! The live auction is back!

Due to the expected popularity of this event, there will be a few new restrictions this year. Please go to the "More" tab on the website and click the auction page to get all the details.



Our deadline for room reservations is fast approaching. Have you reserved your room yet? Reserve your room by following this link. It should give you the correct $107/night rate. Book Your Group/Corporate Rate | Marriott International



Our charity this year will be the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. You may donate through our Extra-Life page Team Gamicon or on-site during the convention. Charity donations will be accepted in the live auction, and at registration or in marked donation boxes around the convention. Have a unique event you would like to run for charity donations? Contact



We still have lots of events coming in. The last day for GMs to submit events in order to be in the program book is January 15. Check out the events already submitted in the "Attend" menu. Still to be added are our Guest of Honor events, The Double Exposure State Championship Events, so keep checking back. Event Sign ups are planned to be open to sponsors on February 1st, and to the rest of the attendees on February 8th. Pre-con event sign ups will end on February 17th at midnight, but you will still be able to sign up for events on site if the event still has space.



The GM Party will be at Geek City Games in North Liberty on January 14 from 1-4pm. Please watch the Facebook site or email for updates. This is the last day for GMs/Judges to submit events for inclusion in the program book. Light snacks will be supplied.

See the bottom right of this page for hotel information.

Gamicon is excited to announce our Guest of Honor! Dexter Dakota from Barely Suitable Games, makers of "Quad City Killers" will be coming to share his game with all of us. Our theme will be "Unusual Suspects" and we have lots of fun things planned for all our attendees! Check them out at Home | Barely Suitable Games


See the bottom right of this page for hotel information.

Gamicon is an annual gaming convention held in Eastern Iowa for over 30 years. We have numerous Board, Card and Roleplaying games over the coarse of three days and also feature a Game Library, Play to Win Games and a Games Auction.

Gamicon is a project of Mindbridge Foundation. Find out more about Mindbridge at